Disability Access Specialists, Inc

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Disability Access Specialists, Inc (DASPS) offers a full range of support in the areas of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and California Title 24 compliance.

DASPS are experts in state and federal accessibility requirements. Our mission is to assure that our clients save time and money through certified compliance with both laws. We provide physical access assessments, as well as policy reviews, staff and specialized training for your needs.

DASPS is staffed with California certified access specialists with a variety of experience in construction of the built environment and transportation industries. We offer services to both public and private clients.

Our vision is to provide world-class accessibility solutions, training, and research, as well as advice on all issues relating to design, planning, transport and housing.  We are the bridge supporting private and public development of world class accessible infrastructure.


DASPS Services Overview


DASPS provides clients with up-to-date federal and state compliance standards. We can help you with:

·               Preventing costly “Drive-By” litigation. Don’t “wait and see,” be proactive

·               Stakeholder management, relationship with the disability community

·               Accessibility solutions that are cost-effective. Advocacy for business owners

·               Prevention of after-the-fact costly retrofitting

·               Updates to changes to the accessibility laws and regulations

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